Main Club Sweepstake

Welcome to the Main Club Sweepstake

Welcome to the page for the Main Club Sweepstake. The Sweepstake is open to all members (playing members and social members) who are aged 18 or over and who wish to participate. The current system for the draw is that it comprises of a 3 month term. Entry is £15 per term (£5 per month) and we have one draw per month. The current monthly prize pool consists of FOUR prizes and there is a total prize fund of £230 for the three month term. That is, £70 of prizes each month and a £20 bonus draw for those that have not won a 1st or 2nd prize to be drawn in June. If you join, you have an equal chance to win in the monthly draw.

The more people that enter, the bigger the prizes!

We are open to new members joining us. Our next opening will be for the draws covering July – September. If you wish to join you can contact me at any time to enquire. I will then send you an opening email and if you still wish to join after that all you need to do is make your payment to the bank account and then email me to confirm it is paid. You will then be entered.

You can send your email to

The Draw

Todays draw for the April Sweepstake was completed at the club on the day of the first main competition event of the year – The Spring Vase. Thank you to Audrey Henderson for witnessing the draw.

Congratulations to the winners Mick Cashmore, Dave Soutar, Kev Coles and Andy Sherwood

March’s draw, the last of this first term, will hopefully also be the last draw done at home. Thanks again to my wife Emily for witnessing the draw.

Congratulations to the winners Richard Boynett, Spud Murphy, Abigail Copper and Margaret Jobling

February’s draw, the second of the year and  the second draw done in this third lockdown. Thanks again to Emily for witnessing the draw and making a backup note of the numbers.

Congratulations to the winners Gail Boynett, Gregor Henderson, Jo Frier and Chris Small.

The first draw of 2021! and in the grips of the third lockdown this draw was conducted from home. Thank you to my wife Emily (who refuses to utter a word during recording) for bearing witness and writing the numbers down for me.

Congratulations to the winners of this draw; John McGowan, Ian Bavin, Andy Sherwood and Kath Havenhand.

Why we run a sweepstake

The aim of the Sweepstake, apart from being able to win cash, is to help rise the funds for the main club section. This money will be used for the main club commitments such as maintenance and upkeep (such as handicap master annual subscription costs, sundries out on the course), prizes for board comps (e.g. Spring Vase, Club Champs etc), and any new purchases. Funding streams are tight and the hope is that this will help raise some money for which 100% of profits will be reintegrated back into the club. The sweepstake is NOT FOR PROFIT and pays out at least 50% of funds raised. The sweepstake is separate from the business of Pottergate and is being ran with their consent and support.

Player numbers for April - June 2021

1Abigail Copper
2Len Charlton
3Audrey Henderson
4Marion Frisby
5Bill Howard
6Andy Sherwood
7Mick Cashmore
8Spud Murphy
9Jon Pinney
10Richard Boynett
11Ian Cooper
12Chris Small
13Gail Boynett
14Margaret Jobling
15Greta Vernon
16Kevin Coles
17Gregor Henderson
18Dave Soutar
19Miles Lynch
20Teresa Galjaard
21Mick Brown
22Stephen Jobling
23Kev Galjaard
24Ian Hole
25Mike Henderson
26John McGowan
27Colin Woolfson
28Julie Lakin
29Bob Moore
30Ian Bavin