Mixed Ladies / Seniors Texas Scramble – 1st December 2023

Firstly thanks to all who helped and organised the event, which with an ever-changing field, must have been trying at times. The weather was bitterly cold and towards the end freezing fog made it very testing. Well done to all that took part in the event, 39 players braved the conditions.

The results were as follows:

4 X 4 BALL

Pauline Hogg, John Kent, John Dawson, Liam Broughton                           57.1

Maggie Muir, Dave Clark, Richard Scott, Paul Marr                                     57.2

Yvonne Cross, Tracy Sackree, Glyn Logan, Derek Watson                          57.6

Paul Hogg, Sarah Dawson, Richard Godbold, Steve Carr                            58.5

Elaine Pickworth, Abigail Copper, Alan Booth, Chris Bright                       59.8

June Howard, Julie Lakin, James Sockell, Kevin Galjaard                            60.7

3 x 3 BALL

Bev Booth, Jenny Carter, Fred Bartlett                                                            60.0

Molly Panter, Roy Broad, John Carter                                                              61.7   

Ian Sackree, Deane Wood, Ros Munday                                                          62.5

Chris Redfern, Dawn Law, Bruce Webster                                                       62.6

Bill Howard, Louise Kingman, James Dunn                                                     68.2

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