Ladies 25+ Club

This is a fund raising venture for the Ladies Section. It was introduced in 2018 – the 25th Anniversary of Pottergate Golf Club – hence its name and it has proved to be very successful. At least 50% of takings are paid out with monthly prizes of £30, £20, £10 as well as bonus draws subject to entry numbers.

October and November 2020 – Draw Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Ladies 25 Club double draw held on 27th October

1st £30 – Abigail Copper and Pat Mundy

2nd £20 – Sue Bailey and Sue Claughton

3rd £10 – Margaret Jobling and Sally Logan

Due to the impending coronavirus lockdown, it was decided to hold the November draw after the AGM on 2nd November. Congratulationsto the winners.

1st £30 – Pat Dunnington

2nd £20 – Jenny Carter

3rd £10 – Dawn Law

It is planned to hold the December Draw after the Bailey’s Binge Competition on Tuesday 15th December. This will also be a double draw ie 2 x £30, £20 and £10.

Any queries please contact Audrey Henderson on 01522 394836 or 07881 694629.

 NumberName Aug-20Sep-20Oct-20Nov-20
1Teresa Galjaard    
2Eileen Malpass    
3Anne Cooper    
4Kath Ledgard    
5Pat Dunnington   £30
6Margaret Parry £30  
7Abigail Copper  £30 
8Sophie Hunter    
9Dorothy Martin    
10Barbara Forrest £10  
11Val Mc Cracken    
12Sarah Dawson    
13Caroline Birkin    
14Pat Mundy  £30 
15Kath Havenhand    
16Veronica Watson £20  
17Jenny Gayler£20   
18Gail Boynett£10   
19Sue Bailey  £20 
20Kathy Woodcock    
21Sally Logan  £10 
22Marion Frisby    
23Jenny Carter   £20
24Sue Claughton  £20 
25Paula Spiller    
26Lis Marsland    
27Margaret Jobling  £10 
28Audrey Henderson    
29Julie Lakin    
30Dawn Law   £10
31Angie Smith£30   
32June Howard    
33Sheena Adkin    
34Tracy Sackree