Ladies 25+ Club

This is a fund raising venture for the Ladies Section. It was introduced in 2018 – the 25th Anniversary of Pottergate Golf Club – hence its name and it has proved to be very successful. At least 50% of takings are paid out with monthly prizes of £30, £20, £10 as well as bonus draws subject to entry numbers.

25 Club April to September 2021.

A huge thank-you to the 30 ladies who have joined the Ladies25 Club for the Apr – Sept 2021 block of draws.

The Spreadsheet below shows the number allocated to you for this 6 months block.

The April draw was made after the Maximum Score Competition on 22 April and congratulations to the prizewinners –

1st prize £30 – number 16 Tracy Sackree

2nd prize £20 – number 13 Val McCracken

3rd prize £10 – number 29 Marion Frisby

Many thanks also to the ladies who helped with the number allocation and draw on 22 April.

Any queries please contact Audrey Henderson on 01522 394836 or 07881 694629.

1Lis Marsland 
2Kath Havenhand 
3Barbara Forrest 
4Sarah Dawson 
5Audrey Henderson 
6Kath Ledgard 
7Jenny Carter 
8June Howard 
9Pat Mundy 
10Dorothy Martin 
11Teresa Galjaard 
12Veronica Watson 
13Val McCracken£20
14Kathy Woodcock 
15Sheena Adkin 
16Tracy Sackree£30
17Pat Dunnington 
18Sue Bailey 
19Sally Logan 
20Gail Boynett 
21Margaret Parry 
22Pauline Hogg 
23Julie Lakin 
24Jenny Gayler 
25Abigail Copper 
26Margaret Jobling 
27Caroline Birkin 
28Angie Smith 
29Marion Frisby£10
30Paula Spiller