Fish and Chips Fridays

� Enjoy a Fantastic Friday “Fish & Chips” Feast at Pottergate Golf Club! 
Join us every Friday between 12 noon and 2:30 pm for a mouth-watering culinary
experience that’s as friendly and inclusive as it gets. At Pottergate Golf Club, we’re all
about bringing people together over great food, and our Friday “Fish & Chips” Menu is
no exception!
 MAINS – All £8.50  All main dishes are served with your choice of garden or
mushy peas. Don’t forget, you can also add extras like bread & butter or chip shop
curry sauce for just an extra 50p each.
 FISH & CHIPS Indulge in the classic delight of fresh Haddock, enveloped in crispy
beer batter, and served with a generous portion of golden chips. Don’t forget the
tangy tartar sauce on the side!
 SCAMPI & CHIPS For seafood lovers, we offer Whitby Scampi, perfectly cooked
and paired with chips. Enhance the experience with tartar sauce and a zesty wedge of
 STEAK & KIDNEY PUDDING Warm up with our comforting Steak & Kidney
Pudding, served with chips and rich gravy. It’s like a warm hug for your taste buds.
 SAUSAGES & CHIPS Enjoy a classic favourite – Sausages & Chips, cooked to
perfection and ready to satisfy your appetite.
 BAPS – Available from 8:30 am  Start your day off right with our Bacon &
Sausage Baps, available early in the morning for just £3.50. The perfect breakfast bite!
 DESSERTS & SWEET TREATS – All £4.00  Save room for dessert and sweet
treats! Each delightful option is served with your choice of cream or ice cream.
• Homemade Cake of the Day
• Sponge Pudding (various flavours)
• Trio of Ice-Cream (because one scoop is never enough!)
At Pottergate Golf Club, we believe that good food should be enjoyed in the company
of friends and fellow members. Our Friday “Fish & Chips” Menu is a testament to our
commitment to creating an inclusive and enjoyable dining experience.
Join us this Friday and savour the flavours of our friendly golf club. We can’t wait
to serve you! 

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