Competition Information and Draws

Ladies Winter Competitions 2020/21

Sadly due to the coronavirus lockdown restrictions, no golf can take place during November 2020. However we hope that plans for December to Februarycan take place, but please be alert for changes. Please make sure you use your new WHS handicap.

Winter League – 9 and 18 holes: Information has been issued to everyone who has entered and matches can be played at any time during December to February. However tee times from 11am to 12 noon on a Tuesday have been reserved for the Ladies should anyone wish to play then.

Monthly Winter Competitions: We have reserved the following dates for 9 hole, non-qualifying competitions. The intention is that players will enter on the hallway computer and a draw for partners will be made.

Tuesday 15th December – Bailey’s Binge Texas Scramble (3 ball)

Tuesday 12th January – Winter Waltz (3 ball)

Tuesday 9th February – Red Rose Greensomes to Red Flags

Any queries please contact Kath Ledgard on 01522 750459.

Advanced Notice

No advance notices at this time. Watch this space.