Australian Spoons MNRegion – Foursomes Stableford

Sally Logan & Tracy Sackree recently played in the event with the following excellent result:

1st Jan Warner / Julie Breakspeare (Shifnal) 41

2nd Barabara Sanderson / Dilys Cos (Lichfield) 40

3rd Sue Barker / Tracey Griffiths (Whetstone) 37

4th Sally Logan / Tracy Sackree (Pottergate) 37

There were 12 other teams who finished with less points, well played ladies.

11 teams took part in the multi-section Texas scramble, results as below:

1st Julie Lakin, Fred Frisby, Keith Richardson & Deane Wood Gross 65 Nett 55 (lowest GROSS)

2nd Tracy Sackree, Chris Redfearn, Kathy Crabtree & Roy Broad Gross 68 Nett 57.2

3rd Marion Frisby, Paul Hogg, Pauline Hogg & Rick Croy Gross 69 Nett 57.3

4th Audrey Henderson, Mike Henderson & John Wallace Gross 68 Nett 57.7

5th Abigail Copper, Kev Galjaard, Kev Coles & Bill Howard Gross 65 Nett 58.2 (Lowest GROSS)

6th Debbie Jones, Ian Hole, Sue Claughton & John Dawson Gross 71 Nett 58.9

7th Sally Logan, Dave Clark, Ros Munday & Bill Ramsay Gross 71 Nett 59.0

8th Jenny Carter, Richard Boynett & Chris Bright Gross 70 Nett 59.1

9th June Howard, Sinclair Ashman, John Carter & Andy Sherwood Gross 68 Nett 59.2

10th Sarah Dawson, Mick Cooper, Richard Godbold & Sid Serake Gross 74 Nett 61.3

11th Kath Havenhand, Graham Scott & Ian Hopkin Gross 69 Nett 61.4

Thanks to all who took part in a very enjoyable day, hopefully more teams will play in the next event in September.

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