Ladies 25 Club

This is a fund raising venture for the Ladies Section.  It was introduced in 2018 – the 25th Anniversary of Pottergate Golf Club.

It has proved to be very successful and 35 ladies have now entered for the next block of draws from October 2019 to March 2020.

The monthly draws will be made as follows:

22nd October 2019 – after the Yellow Peril Competition

12th November 2019 – after the Fun Monthly 9 hole Competition

17th December 2019 – after the Bailey’s Binge Competition

Dates for 2020 draws have yet to be arranged.

Numbers allocated for the next 6 months are as follows:


1Dorothy Martin
2Angie Smith
3Sue Claughton
4Marion Frisby
5Pat Mundy
6Sophie Hunter
7Linda Eastburn
8Val McCracken
9Sue Bailey
10Audrey Henderson
11Christine Shillinglaw
12June Howard
13Paula Spiller
14Fay Gabriel
15Margaret Jobling
16Pat Dunnington
17Annette Whiting
18Elaine Atkinson
19Shirley Mapleston
20Kathy Woodcock
21Lis Marsland
22Gail Boynett
23Jenny Carter
24Barbara Forrest
25Anne Cooper
26Sarah Dawson
27Margaret Parry
28Jenny Gayler
29Kath Havenhand
30Eileen Malpass
31Veronica Watson
32Teresa Galjaard
33Dawn Law
34Jan Olive
35Abigail Copper